"Red Pointe Roofing has the experience, IT systems and communication devices to effectively work with the advanced purchasing systems of our large portfolio clients."

Diana Harari
Red Pointe Roofing Director of Adminstration

  • Roof assessments and budgeting assitance
  • Customized maintenance programs will extend roof life-cycle
  • Advise clients on new trends and technology in the commercial roofing industry

Your roof is a major asset. Red Pointe Roofing works with clients who value our ability to maximize their assets and advise them on any and all issues that affect their roofs. Whether assisting with long-term capital budgeting, ensuring new HVAC units are properly tied into an existing roof, providing detailed roof assessment reports or identifying new technologies, Red Pointe Roofing’s team of certified experts combine to give a new meaning to the term, Asset Management.


Often a re-roof project is part of a larger building retrofit associated with “green building” upgrades. Our experienced team is familiar with many aspects of “green building” including: energy efficiency, photovoltaics, recycling, thermal insulation, life cycle costing and long term asset management. With LEED AP’s and CSRP’s (Certified Solar Roofing Professionals) on our team, Red Pointe Roofing can assist our clients with their “green building” needs.